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Grand Salon de Guitars

”Direct from Sweden, our first double cedar top by Johannes Kitselis!!! Warm yet powerful basses with beautiful singing trebles. Excellent concert-level projection, balance and sustain!!! A must try… We are proud to be the official Canadian dealer of Johannes Kitselis guitars”

Classical Guitars/Denmark

”A perfect guitar, for those who want to win a competition, or plays a lot of chamber music. Worldclass craftmanship!

”Johannes Kitselis is the most gifted luthier I’ve ever met. As a professional classical guitar teacher and player, I own his guitar and use it at my concerts. Johannes Kitselis makes guitars with great volume, great feel of play and every note of the guitar is crystal clear.”

Ziheng Ding


Classical Guitars/Slovenia

This guitar has more of a traditional voice, with dark basses and thick trebles. A big sound with a great balance between darkness and brightness. The sustain is long and very homogenous. The back and sides of this model are doubled, which gives a full body and a strong projection of the sound.

Alen Garagic

Concert Classical Guitar/France

”Because we are already listing in our showroom huge double tops from famous makers, we have been very happy to discover the luthier Johannes Kitselis who is making wonderful double tops. Johannes is based in Sweden and his guitars are loud, balanced with a very traditional voice. The craftsmanship is superb. I will advise you to carefully listen to Philippe’s video presentation, you won’t regret it.

What is really surprising when playing the guitar is the big voice with dark basses and thick trebles. You really cannot tell that the guitar is a double top, the sound is very traditional with a great balance between darkness and brightness. The sustain is long and very homogenous. Last but not least, the craftmanship is awesome with nice inlays and a wonderful rosette.

The quality of the lutherie is amazing and the sound impressive. The setting is perfect.”

André Blanc

Classical Guitars International/USA

”Johannes is building what I consider to be very fine double tops. As the World leader in double top sales of all kinds, I have been pretty spoiled I’ll admit it, so it takes something to raise my eyebrow, and Johannes does that. I am not alone apparently as in 2017 Johannes received first prize for best sound, playability, and craftsmanship at the St. Petersburg competition.

This instrument is brand new and already has a lovely powerful voice…modern, yet traditional. The playability is excellent, Rosewood back is gorgeous, the arm rest is very comfortable and of course helps prevent your forearm from ‘dampening’ the top motion, fingerboard is elevated for good access above the 12th fret, 12 hole tie block and white hardshell case as well.

An impressive double top indeed.”

Chris Kamen