How it all started

1984 I started to build my first guitar at the age of 15. I made all the mistakes you can think of, but I didn’t give up. My interest took off and I became obsessed with building a fantastic guitar. At that time I felt pretty failed and stopped building after my 14th guitar. Now in retrospect, I realize that I made great progress.

In 1990, I met my mentor, Edvin Täubert and he learned me the skills of woodworking that was very important for my following years. I bought a lot of his hold of tonewood and later I took over his woodworking machines.

In 2007, I set up my new workshop and this was the start to build on a professional level. 2009 I met the greek guitar maker Giannis Paleodimopoulos and became inspired with his fantastic guitars. From that moment I experimented a lot and after a few years I was quite convinced of what type of guitar I was aiming for.

For the moment I live in Ängelsberg, 150 km eastwest of Stockholm, where I have my workshop. I have customers in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Island, France, USA, Belgium, China and Lithuania.


First prize – Guitar building Competition

International Classical guitar festival in St. Petersburg 2017

In January 2017, I send the guitar with my friend and collector, Miro Simic to The Virtuosi guitarfestival in St. Petersburg for the classical guitar building competition. The guitar participated togheter with 23 other classical guitars. Three different criteria formed the basis for grading. Each guitar was played behind a curtain. Then ten members of the jury individually access each guitar’s quality by scoring playability and craftsmanship. This guitar received the First Prize, a medal and a diploma.

The jury. Sankt Petersburgh 2017.
Miro Simic at Arlanda airport.
Guitar No 37, received the First Prize, a medal and a diploma.