Historical model


Stauffer Legnani anno 1829

The Luigi Legnani model, named after the famous guitarist Luigi Legnani, 1790-1877. The drawing comes from Edinburgh University were the original guitar can be seen. This guitar has a string length of 640 mm

Johann Georg Stauffer (1778-1853) worked in Vienna and was one of the finest guitar makers of the 19th century. He made instruments for guitarists such as Legnani, Mertz, Regondi and Schubert.

Historical – Stauffer Legnani anno 1829

Vibrating string length: 603 or 640 mm


Wood: Maple dyed in black or natural.
Thickness: 1st fret – 22,5 mm. 9th fret – 23,5 mm

Choose between Indian Rosewood, Madagascar, Ziricote, Birds Eye Maple or Flamed Maple

Wood: African or Indian Ebony
The neck can be adjustable with a clock key or fixed like a modern guitar.

European Spruce. Bearclaw or straight grain structure.

Cattle bone
Compensation: strings individually, compensated at saddle

The whole body is French polished for 2-3 months.

I recomend pegs with mechanism for the authentic look.