Double top

Double Top Hybride

Generally the Double Top guitar is constructed for maximum volume. I also aim for projection, which is most important when it comes to be heard in a concert hall or together with other musicians.

Model – Double Top

All these measurments can be changed upon request.

Vibrating string length: 650 mm


Wood: Spanish Cedar or South American Mahogany
Thickness: 1st fret – 22,5 mm. 9th fret – 23,5 mm

Choose between Indian Rosewood, Madagascar, Ziricote or Maple
Length: 49 cm
Width: Upper bout – 28 cm
Waist: 23,5 cm
Lower bout – 36 cm
Depth: Neck/body joint – 8.9 cm
Tailblock – 10.5 cm
Arcing: Top and back are arced in both length and width

Wood: African or Indian Ebony
Width: nut – 52.5 mm. 12th fret – 63 mm
Elevated fretboard
Action height at 12th fret: 1st string: 3,2 mm. 6th string: 3,9-4.5 mm, depending on the player

Cedar Double top construction with 
Cedar/Cedar or 
Cedar on top/Spruce below – ”Hybride”

Cattle bone
Compensation: strings individually compensated at saddle
Saddle slanted for greater downbearing pressure
12 holes bridge

Made by me and is sligthly different for every new guitar

The whole body is French polished for 2-3 months.

You can choose tuners I have in stock. Otherwise I will order depending what you need and check for the right measurments. You can also buy for your existing guitar. Of course I can help you with assembly. Send me an email if you are interested in buying!