How it all started.
French polishing

I started my career to be theoretical, but soon I realized that I was more a practical person.

I started to build my first guitar at the age of fifteen, with some help from my woodworking teacher in high school. I made all the mistakes you can think of, but I didn’t give up. My interest took off at the same time as I played. I became obsessed with building a fantastic guitar for myself. Now in retrospect, I realize that I made great progress, but I felt pretty failed and stopped building after my 14th guitar.

In 1990, I met my mentor, Edvin Täubert, who laid the foundation for my continued interest. I bought a lot of his hold of tonewood and later took over his machines. In 2007 I took up the construction again, but then I did it with a completely different insight. 2009 I met the greek guitar maker Giannis Paleodimopoulos and became inspired with his fantastic guitars. From that moment I experimented a lot and after a few years I was quite convinced of what type of guitar I was aiming for.

Carving with a chisel on the head of No 33.
Jonatan Bougt & Johannes Kitselis