7-stringed classical guitar with adjustable neck

Double top Concert guitar No 55

Double top concert guitar No 54 and 55.

An important aspect of building a guitar is understanding what the needs of the player are. Then my ideas are transferred through my hands into the guitar.

Double top No 54
Modern and traditional models
Adjustable neck
Adjustable and removable neck.
7-stringed guitar
7-stringed guitar with a hidden string.

Latest recording – Concert guitar No 58. Cedar top with back & sides in Wenge. Adjustable neck construction.

Sagework Guitarsupport
Sagework Guitarsupport

Sageworks Guitar support

The use of magnets ensures secure attachment, and it allows the support to "find" the proper location on the instrument instantaneously through magnetic attraction.

Strings I prefer to use;
EJ45 Pro-Arté Nylon – Normal Tension
EJ46 Pro-Arté Nylon – Hard Tension
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